Coming Soon – Super Recycler

The Muller Canalmaster F160  is the latest Super Recycler  from Muller, Based in Germany. They are an internationally recognised company within the liquid waste management industry, who have the expertise to be able to custom build their recyclers and jet vacs to provide clients with tailored made solutions to meet their needs.

Our brand new 8 wheel Super Recycler is due in December 2020, once final testing has been completed in the UK.

The Canalmaster F160 is equiped with the latest in remote operations along with an incredible storage and recycling capacity that beats all other manufacturers liquid waste recyclers on the market today. The Merc 32 ton tridem 510hp chassis easily carries a huge load that can be split into a combination of  3 options to carry liquid waste up to 16000litres.

Adding a Super Recycler to our already impressive fleet means we will continue to offer our customers the latest technology as part of our continued commitment to supporting them. This is a part of an ongoing investment strategy and commitment by Clearway Environmental Services Ltd due to a number of high profile contracts won during 2020.

Contact us if you have the need for liquid waste removed from deep tanks, wet wells, sewage treatment works, digester plants, pits or silos.