Pipe Thawing Units

As winter approaches frozen pipes are a major issue for everyone.

Our Pipe Thawing unit provide continuous heating for fast thawing of frozen metal pipes from 12-36mm upto 175 feet in length. No more tearing up floors, breaking down walls or digging up pipes in frozen grounds.

This lightweigh unit can be easily transported to the most difficult location such as attics, roof voids, cellars and most tight spaces. This eliminates the use of hazardous blow torches that could cause expensive repairs or damage.

Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed, speed can depend on the length of pipe that is frozen. The thawing unit passes low voltage (115v AC) through frozen pipes. It is then designed to quickly thaw a thin line in the inner pipe to allow the frozen water to pass within 10 minutes thus allowing the natural thawing process to begin.

The unit can be set to High (20 Amp – 400 Amp) or Low (14 Amp – 320 Amp) usage, with thermal overload protection as a safety feature. 


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