Our specialist All-Terrain Jetting Units are ideally suited for remote locations that are at risk of flooding or cut off from the main road networks. Ideally suited for
working in remote locations for Network Rail, Local Councils, Utility and Water companies.

These specialist vehicles allow us to clear blockages and protect your assets in rough and soft terrain, embankments, and outfall pits where a standard Jetting Unit or Jet Vac Tanker cannot access without the risk of getting stranded. Our Off-Road fleet access locations even in the remotest of areas during the winter month and during flash flooding events.

Our All-Terrain vehicles will be loaded onto a low loader vehicle and brought close to the site location, and then from there it will be driven by our engineers to the
location. Our Engineers have undergone specialist OFF-ROAD training to ensure all off road hazards are accounted for and along with confined space training means we can carry out the majority of task quickly and efficiently to minimise down times. Our larger ALL-TERAIN jetting unit has a 1,000-gallon tank and can jet at 55 gallons per minute, suitable for most blockages. We also have a smaller Jetting unit that is ideally suited when access is limited, and has the same jetting power as the larger unit.

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