It’s Here – Disab Centurion LN20

The Disab LN20 has an increased suction capacity and with its robust blow feature provides greater flexibility for numerous applications. Its round tank design makes it suitable for wet and dry applications and is often used in the following industries: cement, steel,Ship care, paper & pulp, food manufacturing, biomass & energy sites etc.

Equipped with a separate diesel engine which makes it possible for the vacloader to operate independently of the truck. The material tank and filter compartment are combined, and the dust from the filter compartment is emptied through a hatch in the partition wall in the tank at the same time as the tank is tilted. The collected material is discharged by tilting the tank or pneumatically through a hose.

Contact us if you have the need for wet or dry waste removed from deep tanks, wet wells, sewage treatment works, digester plants, pits or silos.